Luxury terraced apartments
Maragnena residence


Bramois is a charming village in the commune of Sion, at the foot of the mountains in the canton of Valais. With its peaceful atmosphere, it offers an idyllic setting for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, yet is only a few minutes from downtown Sion.

Ideally located in the village of Bramois, Résidence Maragnena offers a peaceful environment within walking distance of the village's amenities. With its day nursery, school, post office, pharmacy, restaurants and local shops, it's less than a 5-minute walk away.

As for the town of Sion, you can get there in less than 10 minutes by car and take advantage of its many activities and amenities.

The freeway can be reached from the residence in less than 5 minutes, so you can quickly get to the other towns in the canton.
Luxury terraced apartments
Maragnena residence


Overlooked by the majestic Alps, the village of Bramois enjoys a refreshing climate in summer.

Its proximity to snow-covered ski resorts makes it an ideal place to hit the slopes in winter. Its location also makes it ideal for hiking and climbing.

In addition to its natural beauty, it is also home to a rich cultural heritage, with ancient churches, historic monuments and local traditions carefully preserved by its inhabitants.

In this haven of tranquillity, locals can savour traditional Valaisan cuisine, discover local crafts and relax while admiring the snow-capped peaks that rise majestically to the horizon.

As part of the larger commune of Sion, the village of Bramois benefits from the convenience of the town and its amenities.

The educational system is solid and well-developed. Twelve school centers in the town and villages cater for some 2,600 pupils every year.

Sion is an active municipality with a rich historical and cultural heritage, offering a wide range of events throughout the year. Visitors could discover the medieval old town with its picturesque streets, majestic cathedral and emblematic castle.

Cultural events, such as music festivals and art exhibitions, enliven the town's cultural life on a daily basis.

Sion continues to play its role as a major economic, cultural and tourist center in the Valais region, while pursuing its efforts to ensure sustainable development and a high quality of life for its residents.